Tips for Safe Gutter Cleaning

You may not have realized it yet but cleaning your gutters and the entire roof takes a lot of risks. Some people have already faced accidents and problems while doing this chore because they got the wrong equipment or tool or just because they are doing it the wrong way. Based on the experience of NICK’S Window Cleaning team, a lot of people have actually saved their time and effort hiring professionals instead of cleaning this part of the house on their own.

Ladder Safety

Climbing the ladder should be practiced beforehand. At least you should be comfortable with the ladder steps. Fear would make you unsure of your steps which can make you slide or fall down unexpectedly. Most experts advise for the use of ladders with four legs especially if you are going to clean a single-story home. On the other hand, you can utilize an extension ladder if you want to clean taller facilities.

Kinds of Ladders According to Materials

NICK’S Window Cleaning is fully equipped with the right tools and materials before arriving at your house. They have the following kinds of ladders to be used according to purpose:

Wooden ladder – This is used only for light climbing purposes. Cleaning of windows that are installed in single-story homes will allow you to use this kind of ladder.

Orchard ladder – This is generally not recommended for roof cleaning although can still be used for reaching something quickly. This one is made with three legs which mean difficulty in balancing especially if you are bound to reach higher levels.

Fiberglass – This kind of ladder is considered by NICK’S Window Cleaning professionals as one of the best. They are considered as the sturdiest and heaviest. It may require two-three people to transport it from one area to another.

Other Safety Tips – Refrain from using metal scoopers which can damage and scratch the seams of the roof. Plastic scoops are safer to protect the roof in general and are easily cleaned.

Use gloves to protect your hands not only from the dirt but also from possible painful cuts which can be caused by twigs or ragged gutter. As much as possible, find the right material for gloves. Most professionals from NICK’S Window Cleaning recommend suede glove because it is made with high quality cotton material mixed with thin leather. Cotton gloves can soak your hands with the dirt while leather gloves can hinder easy movements of your fingers.