The Best Ideas for Window Cleaning

A clean window equals to a clean house. Therefore, you should find the right time to clean them regularly. You can clean your windows with products found on the market or with homemade solutions, which you can prepare yourself. Here are some tips to follow in order to complete the work more efficiently:

Observe the weather. Whether it’s rainy or hot, this is not the appropriate time to clean the windows. If it’s too hot, any solution that you apply is going to dry so fast that you will not have enough time to clean it and the glass will have unaesthetic traces.

Make use of the simplest solutions. For the interior windows especially, you can take two spoons of white vinegar and mix them with four liters of water. This solution is perfect and within reach.

The best tool for cleaning is a soft cotton rag without any lint’s or dirt. Don’t use newspapers because they may leave ink traces on the glass.

Clean the window sill with a homemade solution made from sodium bicarbonate and water. You can mix two spoons of sodium bicarbonate in half of liter of lukewarm water and that’s it.

Homemade solutions

I’m sure that you may have experienced some bad sprays which leave nasty traces or filmy residues on the transparent clean window. Or you may have discovered that your recently acquired spray makes you or your kids sneeze. Some of us may have tried an entire arsenal from various homemade window cleaners to the ones bought from the market, even using newspapers instead of towels and rags.

Today we are going to share a simple recipe, also homemade, which is said to have great results for the exterior windows, which are more difficult to clean. It won’t cost you anything to try it, it’s cheap and it certainly contains only home ingredients. The main constituents are vinegar and water and a bit of dish detergent. So, make your plans for the weekend and enjoy the simplest and easiest method for cleaning your outside windows.

Take your notepad and write down the ingredients. You will need two cups of water, only a half of teaspoon of any dish detergent and one quarter of a cup with white vinegar. The tools necessary to effectively obtain that clear perfect glass are the following: a bucket, a rag or a kitchen cloth and a cotton towel. If the windows are very dirty, it may be a good idea to clean them with water at first. Then, you need to dip the rag into the solution and wipe your windows entirely. After this operation is finished, the windows need to be rinsed with a lot of water. Let them dry a little and use the cotton towel to effectively dry them and make them clean and spotless. What you need to keep in mind is that this solution is appropriate for the big windows outside, because you have to rinse them thoroughly with plenty of water. Also, avoid the hot sun since the solution might dry too quickly.

Whether its spring and Easter is coming, or you have big plans for the regular fall house cleaning, any general cleaning is not finished if you don’t take care of all the windows in the house.