Six Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades can be used for a variety of reasons in your home. They can act as handrails on staircases, enclose balconies, become pool fences, and block in mezzanines. Here are six benefits of installing glass balustrades in your home.

Fulfil Safety Requirements

Installing glass balustrades to enclose landing areas or access ways fulfils the requirements of the fall height requirement of the National Construction Code. A balustrade or barrier must be constructed if the distance from ground level is one metre or more. The balustrade must be at least one metre or, if it is surrounding a pool, it needs to be at least 1.2 metres in height.

Made From Safety Glass

Glass balustrades are made from either safety glass or laminated glass, depending on which level they are built. Balustrades enclosing access ways or landings on higher levels are laminated glass and at lower levels, such as in a house, they are tempered safety glass. This protects people in case the glass shatters during a storm, earthquake, or accident.

Looks Attractive

A glass balustrade around a staircase can give the appearance that it is floating, although it is safely enclosed. The tempered safety glass protects your family as they climb the steps and a handrail can be added for additional safety for small children and elderly adults. The glass balustrade can be a feature of a home that helps it sell if you put it on the market.

See-Through Enclosure

If you have a swimming pool, then there needs to be an enclosure around it to prevent small children from easily accessing the pool. By using glass balustrading in Perth, you can be in your home or in another part of the yard and still supervise whomever is using the pool since the balustrade is see-through. A glass balustrade provides an attractive pool enclosure while meeting safety requirements.

Easy to Clean

Unlike most balustrades, glass ones are easy to keep clean. You can use a soft cloth to dust it and, when necessary, spray it with a glass cleaner to remove dirt or spills on the glass. In addition, you can easily clean the outer side of the balustrade with glass cleaner and a squeegee.

With most materials, it can be difficult to clean the outer side of a balustrade if it gets dusty or dirty. Dirt can build up on wood, steel, and other types of balustrades, which changes their appearance and allows allergens to remain in the home.

Easy to Construct

Some companies sell glass balustrades that homeowners can put together themselves. They meet safety regulations and can be installed quickly by amateurs with the help of company installation experts. Installing a balustrade in your home can be cost-effective if you’re renovating a house or adding a pool to the backyard.

To make your home safer and look attractive, a glass balustrade can be installed where it is needed. Whether it encloses a swimming pool or a staircase, it can add a pleasing aesthetic to your home that also adds value.