Safe Gardening your home with green trees

Any young plant or seedling and a display of tasty fleshy foliage will be prone to attention from the neighborhood gastropods, with or without a shell.

You have a few options to help your succulent plants survive. Choose plants which slugs and snails aren’t keen to eat, You could fill your garden with “safe” options which won’t be so tasty for your invaders, Here are a few popular gastropod resistant plants which you may consider:


Ornamental grasses




So, this is fine if you want to limit your plant selection to inedible offerings and it will certainly dissuade slugs and snails from marauding but why should you have to place restrictions on your creativity? You deserve to have the garden of your dreams, plants included. A massive cull of the neighborhood slugs and snails is a harsh measure when there’s a much better cost effective, minimum effort solution.

Place gravel over your flowerbeds and as mulch in pots so that you’re splendid floral display isn’t as much at prey from hungry natural predators. Their passage over gravel and chippings makes them sore, if they make the attempt at all, so your plants will have greater chances of survival and the slugs and snails will just move on to an easily accessible food source. South Carney Gravel is a premier UK gravel product widely available from gravel suppliers like River Sand and Gravel who are based in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. As its name suggests this war buff chipping is sourced in the South Carney area so it’s a local product which makes it more attractive and combinable with your existing natural landscape.

It also has the benefits of being quick to install and very kind to the pocket. If you’ve already lost money on eaten plants then you won’t want to pay a fortune altering the texture before restocking your garden. One tone of gravel or chippings will cover approximately twelve meters squared if laid 1.5 to 2 inches deep. Experts will help you to estimate the amount that you need in your outdoor area. 10mm South Carney gravel also known as pea shingle, is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. 20-5mm South Carney gravel is also widely used. Both sizes are semi rounded and are perfect for mulching, decorative purposes and paths. It can halt slugs and snails in their tracks because it has a rough texture. You’ll normally find that stockiest will be happy to supply South Cerney gravel in either loose or bagged form and it’s normally carried as a stock item so there’ll be no delay.