Reasons to Prune Trees on Your Property

It might seem counter-intuitive, but pruning – or lopping – trees actually helps them. Out in the wild and growing in nature, of course trees are left to their own devices. Some survive to grow tall and strong for decades; others will wither away. Such is the way of Mother Nature. But for trees existing in residential areas there are several reasons why we should intervene and prune them to make them a better and longer lasting tree.

  1. To help the tree grow

If you look down any residential street in Perth, you’re likely to see a Wattle or Eucalypt – such are endemic to Western Australia.By tree lopping in Perth you are allowing them to regrow, to then better withstand the harsh storms better than before they were pruned. Tree pruning has the ability to make the roots stronger, which makes the tree is healthier and can hold up better in a storm.

  1. To encourage fruit production

Australia provides us an excellent climate to grow fruit right in our backyard. If you do have any kind of fruit tree around your property, then you should know that by removing dead branches, you’re promoting better health in the tree. Leaving the dead wood in situ makes the tree more susceptible to insect infestation and disease. Pruning trees also encourages more branches to grow from spurs, ultimately promoting an increase in fruit production.

  1. To remove hazardous branches

Left unattended, a tree can grow limbs that become a danger. Dead branches fall very easily during high winds or severe storms, which is common in Perth. Other hazardous branches grow to hang over your roof or grow into power lines. If any of the branches create a hazard, you must remove them and lop your tree.

  1. Managing Infections

Just like humans and other animals, trees are living and breathing and can contract disease. Certain diseases attack and infect certain tree species. By pruning the trees properly, the disease may be treated, and also help prevent spreading it.

  1. To Improve the View

There is a term to describe a type of pruning that is done to enhance the view of an entire area, such as a valley, lake, or riverine. This is called ‘vista pruning’. By doing this, careful removal of some branches that block the entire vista will be lopped away. Generally speaking, after fifteen years many of the branches will have grown back and should be lopped again. It is an ongoing process.

Here are the most common reasons why you will need to have trees around your property pruned. The biggest reason is to help a tree survive itself, since by lopping the tree you’re promoting stronger roots. Pruning a fruit tree will also make it stronger and encourage greater fruit production. You may need to have a tree loped because the branches are hazardous, or the tree has become infected. At other times, a tree might be pruned for the visual aspect. Trees always need a significant amount of care and are rarely left to their own devices when growing in a residential area.