5 reasons why you should put solar panel in your tiny home

A tiny house is the next big thing; it has the same popularity as a mobile home nowadays. A tiny house is a looked at as a trendy option now. it’s small, ideal for people that don’t really have a lot of stuff, great to slip in small spaces, has even great furniture that can be converted and multi used as a different furniture.

japan even has a capsule hotel, while we are still far from that, we do have mini houses and mini flats that fit in nicely to any setup. It’s simple and cool. A small house has a lot of perks, including lesser space for cleaning, but what makes this cool aside from space saving or space maximization? An addition of a solar panel. That’s right, solar panels, here’s why:

Energy saving: No more electric bills, yey! With a solar panel installed, you can simply harness the power of the sun and use it as electricity. You can set this up semi or full. Semi means you still have an option to utilize electricity from your electric company and full if you want to utilize solar power 100%.

Some people who do the semi still uses the electricity from their electric company during the day and go full solar during the night time.

Durable: Solar panels are durable, it’s made with high-quality durable materials and you can be sure that it will last for a long time, maximizing your usage and offers a good way to save on electricity. its durability is one of its strengths making it ideal for long term use.

Eco-friendly: There are various ways that we harness energy and turn it into electricity, while some might be approved by Mother Nature; some measures aren’t that soo good with Mother Nature.

With Solar power, it’s very much approved with Mother Nature and very energy efficient as well too!

Contribution to mother earth: we are aware of global warming and what effects it’s doing to our world, regardless if your aim to install a solar panel is to save you from electric bills or save the world from global warming or both, you still get both the benefits none the less. if you can sleep at night knowing that you helped in your own little way fight against global warming, then congratulations.

Be an advocate: it’s easy to be an advocate, especially if you know that you are fighting the good fight. Regardless if it’s about saving planet earth or about saving electric bills, it’s a good product to promote none the less. Post in your face book and other social media accounts, if you don’t have an adult audience then teach kids, teach your kids about why solar power is very important.

Solar panels for tiny house is a great addition that makes not just that small little homey house cool and amazing but also energy efficient and earth saver as well. With a product that only has positive results, there’s no excuse not to get one.