4 Reasons Why Tree Removal Might be the Best Solution

While we all wish to save trees as part of the eco-friendly practices of today, there are times when removal is the only option. There are many species of trees of all shapes and sizes, some being deciduous, while others keep their leaves all year round, and usually, pruning or topping is sufficient to maintain a healthy growth, but there are occasions when the tree should be removed and here are just a few scenarios where tree removal would be the best option.

  1. Structural Issues – If a large tree’s roots have spread under the building, then this can be very dangerous, as the growing roots can cause concrete to crack and this might put the structure at serious risk. Another scenario is when a large tree, or part of it, is leaning over the roof of a house, and in that case, removal is the only option, as a storm could send the entire trunk crashing through the roof.
  1. Natural Aging – Every living thing has a lifespan and trees are no exception. A tree might live for 40 years, while there are some species that live for thousands of years, such as the huge Redwoods found in the forests of California and Oregon, but whatever the species, there will come a time when its natural life comes to an end. When this happens, the roots begin to decay, and with no regeneration occurring, the tree could topple at any time, especially in strong winds. If your home is in Western Australia and you have an old tree you wish to remove, there is excellent palm removal in Perth with qualified arborists who can tackle any tree related project, you can also have your pruning done while they are there.
  1. Disease – If a tree is diseased and not treated, eventually it will be impossible to save, and for many reasons, it is advisable to have it removed. Termites can seriously attack a tree, and the tell-tale signs are bark falling off the trunk and lots of sawdust on the floor, and while this can be treated, you need to catch it in the early stages of infection in order to completely remove the pests without killing the tree.
  1. Storm Damage – One of the main reason for urban tree removal is storm damage, and some species tend to crack and split, making a damaged bough very dangerous. Large trees can weigh in excess of 30 tonnes, and a tree can be weakened by storm damage, even to the point where it can no longer maintain its position. If a damaged tree is anywhere near a structure or power lines, it is advisable to call in the experts, as they have the know-how and all the right equipment to tackle the job.

Although many homeowners are avid gardeners and DIY enthusiasts, unless you have experience working with trees, it is advisable to enlist the help of an arborist, and if removal is the best solution, the expert would be able to do this safely.